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Introducing a New Fund

Congregational Care and Counseling has recently received a generous contribution from members of IPC who are interested in the counseling needs of the older members of our church. The contribution establishes a fund to pay for counseling costs of any older member of the church who desires spiritually-based professional counseling which is offered through IPC, until the fund is depleted. 

Those members who receive this service may donate to the fund if they desire, but this is not a requirement to receive the services. This ensures that any older member may receive counseling regardless of ability to pay. Any donation received allows the service to continue to be provided to additional members in the future. 

IPC is fortunate to have two licensed professional counselors on staff, Dr. Stewart Jackson and Dr. Kenneth Wade, whose offices are located in the Congregational Care department of IPC on the ground floor. The offices have a separate entrance on the 31st Street side of the church. Both psychologists are sensitive to issues related to faith and spirituality in addition to their expertise in psychological counseling. Both make their own appointments. 

Dr. Jackson can be reached at (205) 933-3608, and Dr. Wade can be reached at (205) 933-3695. If you have questions or concerns, please call The Rev. Susan Clayton at (205) 933-3706. Learn more about how to find help and healing through IPC's Congregational Care. 

We are grateful to this church family for their generosity and compassion in providing such a gift to help anyone who could benefit from having access to our counseling services!