Apply for IPC Foundation Grant

The Independent Presbyterian Church Foundation (IPCF) extends the ministries of IPC through the use of endowments. Two endowments, the Orlean and Ralph W. Beeson Fund and Felix C. Yarboro Community Ministries Fund, distribute annual earnings via four (4) grant cycles.



  • IPCF Small Grants

    We are no longer accepting small grant applications for 2022. Questions about our process may be sent to smallgrants@ipc-usa.org.

    IPCF Small Grants awards $7,500 or less to 501c(3) organizations.

  • IPCF Annual Grants

    IPCF Annual Grant applications accepted:
    -June 15th for organizations that did not receive a grant payment from the IPC Foundation in the prior two annual grant cycles
    -June 15th for organizations who received a small or emergency grant in the past two years but not a regular grant
    -August 15th for organizations that did receive a grant payment from the IPC Foundation in either or both prior grant cycles

    Please note that we are in the process of switching to an online application system for annual grants. The application process will open no later than June 1st.

    Please email pharper@ipc-usa.org with questions about which deadline applies to your organization.

  • IPCF Emergency Grants are available upon request by email.

    Please note: these grants are only available to organizations, not individuals.

  • IPCF Scholarship Grants support needy students at Protestant theological seminaries, as well as small colleges and universities associated with the Presbyterian faith.

  • IPCF Grant recipients are required to provide an after-the-fact report on the use of all grants. For a current copy of the Annual Report on Grant Usage, click on highlight "IPCF Grant Use Report" above.

Important Note to Grant Seekers Based Outside the United States (US):  The Foundation does not accept grant applications from new applicants based outside the US. We do accept applications from non-US based applicants whom we have supported in the past, and we accept applications from US-based organizations for programs they sponsor outside the US.