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Life Events at IPC

Congregational Care

Life Events

Planning Life Events with IPC

  • Many significant life events happen in the church. Some are celebratory, such as the baptism of a new baby, the confirmation of youth, and wedding services. Conversely, other funerals and memorial services can be a difficult time. No matter the event, the pastors and staff at IPC are always here to support you.

  • Baptisms

    We believe in one Baptism as a sign and seal of God's grace. If you have been Baptized in another church, the Baptism is recognized by IPC. We welcome the baptism of children and adults. For information, contact Lea Anne Hardy at or (205) 933-3711. Learn more about Baptisms»

  • Confirmation

    The word confirm comes from the Latin word confirmare, which means “to strengthen.” At confirmation, the Holy Spirit and the church's prayers strengthen those being confirmed. This strengthening includes preparing individuals who were baptized in infancy to 1) profess their personal faith and the faith of the church and 2) declare their intent to take part actively and responsibly in the church’s worship and mission. For information about upcoming confirmation classes, contact Cammie Ashworth at or (205) 933-3708.

  • Weddings

    Wedding services in the sanctuary or chapel at Independent Presbyterian Church are available to church members and their immediate family members. The Great Hall is available for receptions. For information, contact Sandra Putman at or (205) 933-3703.

  • Funerals

    Death can be a difficult subject for one to consider; it may be even more difficult to discuss with our loved ones. However, planning for what is inevitable for all human beings can be not only a significant spiritual experience for you, but also a gift of love for your family and friends. Please contact Rev. Susan Clayton at or (205) 933- 3706 about deaths within the IPC family. After she is notified, a pastor will call to help plan services in the IPC chapel, sanctuary or off-site.

    To assist with handling this challenging task for families, the Congregational Care and Counseling Ministry has prepared a booklet. View IPC's Funeral Planning Guide»