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IPC Day School


Day School Curriculum

Our curriculum emphasizes developmentally appropriate approaches to learning, focusing on a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, language, physical, and spiritual growth. Classrooms incorporate a combination of play-based, child-directed active learning as well as traditional teacher-directed activities. A variety of teaching methods and learning environments allow each child to feel supported with his/her preferred learning style, abilities, and skill set. 

The educational content is based on carefully planned units of study or “themes.”  Teachers meet monthly to write, plan and evaluate the curriculum. The learning themes and activities are designed to be fun and engaging, with the goal of creating lifelong learners and creative problem solvers. Children are given the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity in a challenging environment promoting socialization, exploration, and discovery.

Enrichment Programs

The Day School offers specific enrichment opportunities throughout the week focusing on Music, Science, Spanish, Physical Education/Movement, and Faith Formation.

  • Music

    Music is a very important part of every school day. Each child visits the music room one time per week for a variety of musical experiences including singing and learning songs, movement, fingerplays, playing musical instruments, creating new songs, and singing games. Emphasis is placed on nurturing each child’s love of music.

  • Science

    The Science curriculum challenges children in Two-Year-Olds, Three-Year-Olds, Four-Year-Olds, and Five-Year-Olds to be curious about their world and to strengthen their problem-solving skills. The students actively participate in the scientific method through hands-on experiments, collecting data, and drawing conclusions.

  • Spanish

    Classes in Spanish language and Hispanic culture are part of the curriculum for our Three-Year-Olds, Four-Year-Olds, and Five-Year-Olds. The children learn age-appropriate Spanish phrases and fundamentals such as counting and colors. The five senses will be employed in a fun, stimulating, and exciting manner to teach Spanish during weekly classes.

  • PEP (Physical Education for Preschoolers)

    PEP provides an opportunity for the development of large muscle groups through movement. The physical activities involve rhythm, balance, creative dance, and physical skills. All age groups participate in PEP, with time devoted to both structured movement and free play.

  • Christian Faith Formation

    We offer opportunities for worship, prayer, religious celebration, and hands-on religious faith formation weekly for children. Two- through Five-year-old classes worship in Day School Chapel every week. All classrooms pray during the day. Four- and Five-year-old classes perform Day School Christmas Lessons and Carols service each December. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium visits twice a month for Three- through Five-year-old classes. Catechesis is a Montessori-based method of faith formation that focuses on encouraging a child's natural sense of wonder, using hands-on, age-appropriate religious materials to learn about Jesus’s teachings and the seasons of the church.

  • Community Service

    Classrooms visit the IPC Food Pantry to learn about helping our neighbors. The Day School is key supporter of IPC's annual Harvest for Hunger Campaign.

Optional Morning/Afternoon Extracurricular Activities

We have several outside extracurricular activities children can participate in before and after school for a small fee. Extracurricular activities do not meet when school is not in session.