Weekday Classes

Weekday Classes

You are invited to connect during the week. Find a class for your schedule Monday - Friday to discover ways to grow your faith and build relationships through fellowship. 


  • A Home for Faith 
    Starts Sept. 12 | 9 am | Garage at Highland Hall
    All IPC Day School and church mothers are invited to join this small group of women to discuss life as a mom. A new book is chosen for each semester. 
    Facilitator: Kay Roller
  • Book Review Group 
    1st Mondays Sept. - May | 10 AM | GH2
    This group reads and discusses a new book each month. 
    Facilitator: Ginni Robertson
  • Yoga with Rowena 
    Each Monday | 5:30 PM | Room 301 
    Appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced (modifications provided). Must be able to get up and down from the floor. 
    Facilitator: Rowena Macnab


  • Centering Prayer 
    1:30 pm | Room 304 
    Deepen your relationship with the living Christ through interior silence.
    Facilitator: Rowena Macnab
  • Tapestries 
    1st/3rd Tuesdays Sept.-May | 12 pm | Room 217
    This women's group discusses books from a number of genres: theology, spirituality, faith and culture, religious history, etc. 
    Leader: Rev. Susan Clayton


  • Yoga with Rowena 
    Each Wednesday | 9:00 am | Room 301 
    Appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced (modifications provided). Must be able to get up and down from the floor. 
    Facilitator: Rowena Macnab
  • Women at the Well
    Sept. 14-May | 10:30 am | Garage at Highland Hall
    This Bible study explores books with Biblical applications and guidance to life. For Fall 2022, the group is studying the life of David using David's Truth in Israel's Imagination and Memory by Walter Brueggemannas well as 1 and 2 Samuel and various Psalms. 
    Facilitators: Lisa Burton, Cathy DeLozier, Leigh Ann Moor, and Terry Hamilton 
  • Bible Study with Margaret Northen
    Year-Round | 10:30 am | Zoom
    This group focuses studies on Biblical interpretation and meaning. The group is currently studying II Samuel.
    Facilitator: Margaret Northern 
  • Bible Study with the Pastor 
    5:30 pm 
    Meets weekly to study the sermon text for the coming Sunday’s sermon.


  • Bible Study with Rev. Susan Clayton 
    Meets weekly | 12 pm | Room 307 
    This weekly Bible study group is open to women of all ages. We study biblical texts in their original context, but also seek to understand their application to our daily living. 
  • Young Adult Small Group 
    Year-Round | 7 PM 
    Whether you have a Tinder or a two-year-old, you’re welcome here. We’re a diverse community who study, serve, and fellowship together. We strive to create a place where everyone belongs;  a safe place to share doubts and questions, joy and laughter, struggles and heartache. In a time when so many have had to “culturally commute” or bracket out parts of themselves in order to be in a Christian community, we gather in the broken, mess of our lives and trust that God is at work to create something beautiful. 
    Leader: Rev. David Seamon


  • Bill Shanks Men's Bible Study 
    Sept. - May | 6:30 am | Garage at Highland Hall  
    This men's small group meets weekly over breakfast to discuss Biblical texts. The group is currently studying The Gospel of John. 
    Facilitator: Lee Walthall


Grace Groups offer an opportunity to get to know other members and study the scriptures in a small group setting. Groups meet in various places or via Zoom twice a year over six weeks from Oct.10 - Nov. 20 (fall term) and Feb. 27 - April 9 (spring term). 

  • Fall TermActs: Catching Up With the Spirit by Matthew L. Skinner 
    This study explores six themes that illustrate how reading Acts is capable of igniting our imagination about the character of the Christian gospel, the work of God’s people (the Church), and the challenges of living faithfully in a complex and challenging world. 
    Facilitator: Cindy Shaw