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Swarm Season for Honey Bees

April 1 through June 30 is known as swarm season for honey bees. It's not uncommon to find honeybees swarming during this time, and IPC’s campus is no exception. Recently, bees were found swarming around IPC's campus, mainly on the church roof. 

At first glance, a swarm can look scary with so many bees visible in one place. However, swarming bees are very docile, and this is a positive sign indicating a healthy and happy hive. Honey bees only sting to protect their hive, which they do not do while swarming. Instead, they are searching for a new home and are not easily distracted by passersby.

We are monitoring our swarm at the time and kindly ask the congregation to please use caution if you encounter our swarm. 

If you're interested in learning more about swarms, you may find it helpful to visit the following link: