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Welcome to IPC: Rev. Dr. Tom Tewell

Rev. Dr. Thomas Tewell

On April 14, Rev. Long’s last Sunday before sabbatical, we invite all members to a welcome reception for Rev. Dr. Tom Tewell during the Sunday school hour at 10 am in the Great Hall with light breakfast and refreshments. 

Tom will give an introduction to his upcoming sermon series "Receiving God’s PhD Degree” and Sunday school class "Rearranging God’s Price Tags".

Rev. Kevin Long's Sabbatical Plans 

Beginning in mid-April, Rev. Kevin Long will be going on a sabbatical that was offered to him in his Terms of Call to replace the Clergy Renewal Program grant that he had been awarded by the Lilly Foundation while he was in Sewickley, PA. 

When he accepted the call to come to IPC, he had to forfeit the grant, and the much-needed time away for renewal. Therefore, the Longs were thrilled and humbled when the church offered to replace the Lilly program and provide a similar opportunity within the first four years of his ministry at IPC. All the Longs are very excited to get some special family time together during Kevin’s time away. 

With the kids now 20 (James), 17 (Jessica), and 16 (Katelyn), this is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to do something special together as well as for Kevin to get some time for rest, reading, and exercise. He will return to the pulpit on August 18. 

Pastor in Residence: Rev. Dr. Thomas Tewell 

For the first two months of Kevin’s renewal period, the Rev. Dr. Thomas K. Tewell will be filling in as our Pastor in Residence. He will preach most weeks from April 21 through June 23, in addition to teaching a Bible study and leading a retreat. 

Tom was our Focus on Faith speaker in March of 2023 and was extremely well-received by the congregation. He is one of the most dynamic preachers and speakers in the country and is very excited to be with us for an extended period.