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A Devotion for the First Sunday in Advent

The Eternal King Arrives:

Journeying Through Advent with Our Humble & Mighty Savior

December 3: The First Sunday in Advent

An Introduction

Welcome to the season of Advent. It’s a special time in the Christian calendar—one that we all want to take heed of, with its deep and lasting significance, even in the midst of the season’s sometimes overwhelming demands. As you and your family approach a time of full calendars and bustling kitchens, candlelit services, and living rooms strewn with wrapping paper, we invite you to journey through the season with this Advent devotional. 

This devotional is meant to help you dive deep into theological truths and personal revelations as we prepare to celebrate the arrival of our humble and glorious King. We have structured the devotional to help us ponder the glory and tenderness of Christ, who came in the form of a vulnerable baby and displayed a gentle love for his creation through his incarnation. Throughout the month of December, we will herald both the sovereignty and power of his kingship and his self-emptying lovingkindness.

First, we will immerse ourselves in the prophetic inauguration of Christ, with devotionals that speak to the hopeful yearnings of Israel for the promised King—and the signs that would accompany his revival—woven throughout the Old Testament. 

Next, we will celebrate the eternal jubilee that Jesus’ incarnation heralds: a time of freedom, joy, and new life that he now offers. 

Finally, we will draw near to Christmas Day by gazing in awe at Christ’s royal enthronement and the establishment of his kingdom. He is our long-awaited Savior, and this Advent we celebrate the life-changing truth that our eternal King has arrived.

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