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Hope: This Week in Community Ministries

advent candles

I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! This Sunday begins the first Sunday in the season of Advent. Community Ministries has partnered with our Family Ministries team to incorporate an item to bring each week during Advent to church to serve our community members in need. In the Advent devotional, Advent at Home, is the following text:

Hope is something that normally we can't see with just our eyes, we have to go deeper and see hope in a new way! Bring some hand sanitizer or soap to help our neighbors wash away the germs we can't see.

I invite your family to bring along this item each week and place it in the purple bin in the parlor. These items will serve our neighbors at our Blessing Boxes and those outside of our neighborhood too!

Our Blessing Box needs for this week include:



Hygiene (best deals on hygiene products are usually at Dollar Tree)


Weekend Buddy Bag needs:

Easy Mac (microwaveable Mac & Cheese)

You can buy anytime from our Amazon Wishlist.