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Update from the Session of IPC

IPC Labyrinth


Most of us have seen the sign on I-65 with this warning about the consequences of skipping church. It’s easy to think of summer as an "off" season for worship, with empty pews and parking lots. Not so at IPC for the summer of 2023! What a blessing to be in church this past Sunday.

Combining two services into one morning worship service at 10 am felt like a family reunion. The pews were full. It was easy to pass the friendship pads and offering plate. I saw old friends I’ve missed because we’ve been to different services. I caught up with several young adults I watched grow up at IPC that were home visiting family. Even more exciting was seeing the front of our sanctuary filled for the presentation of new members. Our church family is growing.

At the start of Lent, Rev. Kevin Long challenged us to think about taking up a spiritual practice rather than "giving up" something secular. I had allowed Sunday School to drop off my schedule completely, blaming things like the pandemic, a full calendar, or involvement in other church activities. For Lent, I decided to go back to Sunday School; immediately I felt blessed sharing bible study with old friends. For our adult summer class, we’re meeting in Highland Hall for a Study of Job taught by Dr. Jeff Leonard. How have I not been to one of his classes before? I’ve heard many people say what a great teacher he is, but seeing is believing. I was blown away.

In worship, the choir sang two magnificent acapella anthems, we had two baptisms, one adult and one infant. Kevin gave us a lot to chew on in his sermon, "The Wolves Within," reminding us we are what we eat, physically and spiritually. After the service, a crowd lingered in the parlor and on the sidewalk outside the church. Clearly, the Holy Spirit is at work at IPC.

There are many opportunities to serve and enjoy fellowship this summer. If you get involved, expect a blessing. I usually look forward to summer getaways, but I’m just as excited now to stay home and participate in the Lord’s work with my IPC family.

Rather than fear the devil, come to church this summer, and the Holy Spirit will fill you.


Barry DeLozier

President of the Congregation


Keep reading for highlights from recent Session meetings:

  • IPC will welcome a new Cub Scout Pack in September 2023. Work is underway by a church-member-based Pack Committee to develop a charter for this pilot project.
  • The Finance Ministry Team unanimously approved the motion to accept the beneficiary gift from the James W. and Frances B. Shepherd Charitable Remainder Trust valued at an estimate of $100,000+ and to transfer the funds when received to the IPC Foundation to be invested in the Yarboro Fund.
  • Sabbatical plans, as part of Rev. Kevin J. Long's Terms of Call to IPC, were approved for the spring/summer of 2024.
  • The Adult Ministry Committee is currently creating a Small Group Subcommittee of 13 multigenerational individuals committed to successful small group ministry. The intent is to build a group of church leaders who will nurture and grow the garden of small groups that exist in the church. If you are passionate about small group connections and want to join the subcommittee, please let us know your interest.