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This Week in Community Ministries

Close up of breakfast cereal

Our neighbors have really appreciated all the protein packed items you all have brought in these past few weeks! We are grateful to be able to provide many people with protein that gives good energy and helps end hunger pains, thanks to you all. 

We encountered two women and a sweet baby at the Blessing Boxes this week and spoke with them about their needs. Much of our communication was through Google translate, but we were able to pack up a good bag full of their most needed items including diapers for the littlest visitor. Specifically, they needed size 5 diapers, so if you are able to buy a few size 5 diapers they would be grateful!

Our Blessing Box needs for this week include:



Chef Boyardee

Canned fruit

Pasta noodles




Paper towels

Dish soap

Note: The best deals on hygiene products are usually at Dollar Tree.

Weekend Buddy Bag needs:
  • If you are in a Grace Group, bring your fruit cups to Grace Group this week or swing by Community Ministries and drop it off! You can even purchase directly from Amazon and ship them to the church with ATTN: Weekend Buddy Bags.

You can buy anytime from our Amazon Wishlist.

Upcoming events in Community Ministries:

E-Recycling and Shredding Event: March 12th from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Bring your laptops, cell phones, any other electronics, and any documents that need shredding to be responsibly recycled with the help of PROTEC. While the event is free, individuals will need to pay Protec (cash or card) a small fee for CRT/hard drive recycling ($10) and for TV recycling ($20; size limited to no larger than one person can carry) to responsibly recycle these items.

Highland Avenue Forum: April 13th from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Highland Hall

Highland Avenue Forum is hosting a program to discuss dysfunction in Alabama's criminal justice system, violence and overcrowding in its Alabama prisons, and the need to do something about it. All church and community members are invited to join the Focus on Faith committee for this time of learning and discussion. "Remember Those Who Are In Prison" features knowledgeable speakers such as Teresa Pulliam, Bennet Wright, Ivana Hrymnkiw, representatives of Alabama Appleseed, and affected family members.