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Support Our Church Family

IPC Stained Glass Window with an Angel

Our congregation is incredibly generous in providing financial contributions that enable the church to offer assistance to people in need in our community through the IPC Social Service Fund. Did you know that Congregational Care also has a fund called The Angel Fund that provides financial assistance to IPC members and staff when they are struggling to make ends meet? 

This is the only fund we have in the church that can assist our IPC members and staff. We have had many folks in need in recent months, and The Angel Fund balance is very low at the moment. We depend on your contributions to be able to help members of our church family. We assist with utilities, housing assistance, transportation assistance, medical needs, and other essential items. Each Angel Fund request requires the signature of two pastors, and of course, the expenditures are confidential. 

How to Make a Donation

If you would like to help replenish this fund, you can contribute online (select "Angel Fund"), make a check payable to IPC and put "Angel Fund" on the memo line, or donate through Venmo with "Angel Fund" in the comment. 

Your generosity will help those among us who are struggling.