Youth Christian Education

The IPC Youth Ministry exists to join in God’s welcome of all people, to cultivate environments for growing in the love of God, and to serve one another and the world.

God's Light Shines in Rwanda

More than 30 adults and youth embarked on three global mission trips in 2019. They served in the mission field by doing light construction work on churches in Mexico and learned more about the ministries in Rwanda that are working for peace. All along the way, mission team members, including IPC youth Ellen Dulin witnessed God and His light shining.

On June 27, our eager group of 12 set off to Rwanda, a country we had heard so much about, yet did not know the extent of its beauty, grace, and unconditional love. Our first day really set the precedent as to how Rwanda works as a nation- together and efficiently. As we joined the whole nation on service day, the last Saturday of each month, we were astounded by the enormous impact that results from everybody coming together and genuinely working towards the betterment of the country.

This type of mindset and work ethic was apparent throughout our whole trip. Despite language barriers and cultural differences, I had never felt more included and God’s light was brightly shining in every kid we high fived and in the eyes of a person passing by who gave you a smile. They did it, not out of obligation, but because Rwanda has a set of values and huge presence of the Lord’s compassion which radiates throughout the whole country.

I found that living a life motivated by faith and good heartedness fixes more problems than any amount of donations or charity work. I was so blessed to be able to experience this once in a lifetime trip at such a young age. Now, I know what living a life as the Lord’s servant really means.

Mission teams are now forming for 2020. Here are the dates and upcoming application deadlines:

  • Chiapas, Mexico March 21- 29. Apply by November 30, 2019.

  • Chiapas (Youth) May 20- June 7. Apply by January 15.

  • Mwandi, Zambia August 1-14. Apply by January 15

For more information, contact the Rev. Brian Lays.