Visit the John N. Lukens Library at IPC

Including books in all subject areas, the collection comprises around 4,500 books.

The mission of the John N. Lukens Library is to provide a well-balanced collection of books and other materials that will aid in developing informed members of the congregation who seek growth in their Christian faith and spiritual lives.

Located beside the elevator on the same floor as the Great Hall, it is open and available for use whenever the church is open. The collection has books for all ages in a variety of subjects.

The John N. Lukens Library has the following books which contain information about the Children’s Fresh Air Farm.  They are located on the shelves immediately to your left as you enter the library and are available to be checked out. 

Two of the books are the histories of Independent Presbyterian, published on the occasions of the 75th and 100th anniversaries of the church.  We have two copies each of these histories.  Two of the books were written by Dr. Henry Edmonds, our founding pastor. 

The books, and the pages the information begins, are:

  • Forward in Faith: the 100th anniversary history of Independent Presbyterian Church, by Cathy Criss Adams, a member of our congregation; beginning on page 42.
  • The Bearing Day Is Not Gone: the 75th anniversary history of Independent Presbyterian Church, by Marvin Yoemans Whiting; beginning on page 37
  • An Enduring Ministry, by Dr. Henry Edmonds; beginning on page 99.
  • A Parson’s Notebook, by Dr. Henry Edmonds; beginning on page 98.

We also have two shorter books written by O. May Jones, the first Superintendent of the farm from 1928-1945.  These are not histories of the Children’s Fresh Air Farm, but will give insight into O. May Jones.  These books are:

  • Living Epistles
  • My Colorful Days

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