The name Kaleidoscope refers to a child’s view, with its unlimited colors, through the window of God’s world.  The Kaleidoscope is a page devoted to parents of children currently enrolled in the Day School. The Kaleidoscope features the following and more:

  • Important reminders
  • Monthly curriculum calendars
  • School calendar
  • School directory/staff directory
  • Birthdays
  • Policies/procedures
  • Photo gallery
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Symbolization in the Day School Banner


The Cross –

                  Symbolizes Worship as a part of our curriculum

                  Symbolizes Chapel services for Day School Children

                  Symbolizes Spiritual enrichment as a vital part of the daily activities of the Day School

The Book –

                  Symbolizes the Bible and Bible stories incorporated into the curriculum

                  Represents The Barrett Coe Kelley Library, Children’s Literature, and Reading as a part of our curriculum

The Ruler –

                  Symbolizes “God as our Ruler”

                  Symbolizes Math as a part of our curriculum

                  Represents numbers, counting and the measurement of years a child attends the IPC Day School (1-5)

The Apple -

                  Symbolizes the APPLE Day Camp (Summer Enrichment Program for preschool children)

                  Symbolizes our Teachers and the Teaching profession

Children at Play -

                  Symbolizes play as the natural medium for a child’s learning experience

                  Symbolizes our Creative Movement program

Children Singing -

                  Symbolizes Music as a part of our curriculum

                  Represents the various music programs throughout the year such as our Christmas programs

The Butterfly -

                  Represents the Christian symbol for “New Life in Christ”

                  Symbolizes science as a part of our curriculum

                  Represents the Day School’s Science Center

The Globe –

                  Symbolizes our mission of being a ministry to church members and the community at large

                  Symbolizes diversity in curriculum and classroom experiences

                  Represents the Spanish classes offered by the Day School

The Lamb –

                  Symbolizes Jesus Christ and His words,

                                    “Let the little children come unto me”.

                  Symbolizes that Christ is the center of our curriculum and program